div Get Someone’s Active Support

This is dedicated attention to YOU!

  • Open Hearted Hearing
  • Healing Experience
  • Private and Confidential
  • A Precious Gift
  • Non-Judgmental Listening



A Precious Gift – Speak to someone
caring and supportive of you.
A Sacred Space – Express yourself
when you think your friends are tired of
hearing your story again, and you are tired
of hearing the same old advice!
CALL NOW – To give yourself the
undivided attention of someone
dedicated to listening to you.

We All Need Someone To Truly HEAR Us

Why is it so healing to be able to speak with another
trusted human being about life’s experiences, issues or
challenges? Why can’t we figure out solutions to
problems and obtain clarity on our own?

We all need to express ourselves to another human
being in order to hear ourselves think and to find answers.
Frequently, there simply is no one available who has
time and/or good listening skills to devote to us.

All too often those around us don’t know how to
just listen. They unconsciously judge us to know what
sort of answers would work best for our situation.
What if the recipient of your thoughts had no judgment
of you – just unconditional caring?

We all need to express ourselves in order to discover
what we think and feel to the fullest extent. When you
bounce ideas off of friends and coworkers they feel that
their role is to be advisor. What they lack is the
“listening skills” we have.

Listening means:

• Concentrating on the person speaking
• Being attentive and undistracted
• Not interrupting

Listening means CARING.

How often do people really listen to you?

Providing Sacred Space For You to Discuss What’s On Your Mind and Heart

We provide a dedicated listening service so that you can speak your mind and share your heart in a safe, non-judgmental context. You speak and we listen – it’s that simple. There’s no advice given, no probing questions asked; it’s just a sacred, supportive space for you to speak to someone who really cares.

Learning How To Be A Better Listener

Being a good listener is like having a gift. It improves your relationships—both personal and professional—and it draws people to you. If you can learn how to listen, then you can learn anything whatsoever!

We’re here to listen to you for your healing.


CALL one of our experienced, dedicated listeners now to express yourself, bounce your ideas around or simply bask in the uninterrupted, supportiveness of a dedicated listener