div Get Someone’s Active Support

This is dedicated attention to YOU!

  • Open Hearted Hearing
  • Healing Experience
  • Private and Confidential
  • A Precious Gift
  • Non-Judgmental Listening

Rules for Great Listening

  • Focus on the speaker and make a real commitment to listen to the person in the present moment with non-judgment.
  • Don’t watch TV, TWITTER, etc. while listening!
  • Do not act as though you are listening if your heart is not in it or if the time is not right for you to listen.
  • If you want to listen but it is not a good time for you to pay attention, say so, but add that you would like to listen later and schedule a time.
  • Focus on the speaker’s feelings, needs and perceptions or on the information that is being communicated.
  • Recognize and observe your own feeling(s) but do “NOT” express them!!!
  • If you find your mind wandering, observe it, then immediately return to focusing on the speaker.
  • Be aware of your typical non-listening behaviors and try to control them.
  • OFFER BACK to the speaker what you are hearing in your own words.
  • Don’t presume that what you are hearing is exactly what the speaker is trying to say.
  • Don’t stop listening after your first effort to express understanding. Keep listening until the speaker confirms that you have really understood.