div Get Someone’s Active Support

This is dedicated attention to YOU!

  • Open Hearted Hearing
  • Healing Experience
  • Private and Confidential
  • A Precious Gift
  • Non-Judgmental Listening

How It Works

There’s a healing to be had when you carve out a time for yourself to vent, wool- gather, free associate, or just let loose!

This is an individual and unique way to come to grips with what ricochets around in your brain for days on end. Except now there is an ‘end.’

This is a healing and cathartic experience. You get to say good-bye to what’s rattling you, just by someone who is practiced in acute listening really HEARING you.

Think of this as your own personal padded room!

You will know there’s someone intent upon hearing every nuance of your venting – and encouraging you to come to a resolution that’s of your own making. This active listening works.

Those who have experienced it come away refreshed, ‘cleansed’, and complete. They talk about it as though they had a small sojourn into a sacred chamber that put them at peace.

They were able to sense the kindness and solace on the other end of the line. It was palpable.

While you get to blast your boss – or tick off a list of worrying thoughts about the bad habits of your spouse, your listener is highly attuned to the sub-text of everything you’re saying.

At the end of the time, when you’ve gone through all your pros and cons about a situation, and have been met without one ounce of judgment, you feel better.

So much better!

You know your listener has BIG ears and an even BIGGER heart. That gives you the ‘permission’ to be yourself and let it all out – the good, the bad and the ugly – and you’ll come to the grace of the situation – just by being heard.

We are active listeners who are practiced and purposeful in giving attention and being present for the person who desperately needs a sounding board. Of course, it’s entirely confidential, never recorded, and our minds are cleared after every phone call, because we let it go – just like you will.

What you’ll discover is your own inner listening when you experience US being so invested in listening to YOU. Inner listening is the sum game – and it’s yours when you take the risk of speaking out loud to someone who cares.

It’s been said that you don’t know what you think until you verbalize it. Now you will know what you think… and feel. . . . at a fraction of what it would cost to go to a therapist every week.

We prefer active listening to therapy. Frankly, we find that no one person can have a perspective on you, since they haven’t walked in your killer heels or your funky flip flops! Solutions are as varied as the people who need them; we find it’s much more efficacious to elicit your own solutions from what you have to say – gently guiding the intake to help you see the perfect way forward for YOU!

There’s nothing in this world like REALLY being heard.

It’s deeply nurturing and is so necessary.

Here is one of our favorite quotes on the topic of true listening, from a truly wise mystic, Paul Ferrini:

Communication is a Sacred Act

Listening takes energy and attention. It takes receptivity to the other person. When we aren’t receptive, we should not try to listen. We should let the other person know that we are not in a receptive state.

Conversely, when the other person cannot offer this attention to us, we shouldn’t try to share with him or her.

Communication does not happen by itself. It requires both the speaker and the listener to be present. When both are present fully, it is a sacred act.


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